New Wholesale Signup Wholesalers prides itself on having the very best pricing. Many wholesalers have retail stores and a loyal customer base looking for greenhouses. By signing up with us you will be able to order these greenhouses directly from our inventory without having to speak to anyone. We will then ship the greenhouses to your store or directly to your customer. Once you’ve placed the order through our website all you will have to do is supply your customer with our toll free phone number and their order number. It’s that simple, we take the entire ordering process and make it simple for you and your customer. knows efficiency of use is very important and our site was designed with wholesale greenhouse selling in mind. This website should be used as a tool to increase greenhouse sales while not having to worry about the customer service and shipping part. Sign up with us today and increase greenhouse sales overnight. We guarantee that the margins for our wholesalers are the most aggressive in the greenhouse marketplace and the quality of our product cannot be beat.

Greenhouse Wholesale Account Signup believes in partners not potential competitors. By partnering up we can sell a lot more and work together as a team. Our goal is to make sure our wholesale partners make enough money off our quality products to continue working with us. We also want to make sure we provide our greenhouse wholesalers everything they need to make a greenhouse sale as easy as possible. If you have a brick and mortar location or have another website we want to work with you. Please fill out our wholesale application to become part of the team.

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If you have already signed up as a wholesale account with please use our login to sign in. After you have logged in all unique purchasing, pricing, and order information will be logged under your account. This will ensure proper booking for orders for us and for you. If you have any issues with wholesale purchasing on, please call us or fill out a contact form. Thank you and know your greenhouse selling success is our greenhouse selling success too. We will continue to make the process easier for your company.

About Us is a commercial greenhouse provider that specializes in the specific growing process known as light deprivation. Our greenhouses are also called blackout greenhouses and are made in Oregon, USA. With farmers utilizing fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to your plants and to you we believe indoor farming and gardening is the only way to grow. Utilizing the light deprivation method, you have better control over environment, which could allow up to 4 to 5 harvest annually. The process is good for the environment, the community, and ROI.

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